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About E-BEAM

Rember: this website is for digital art after the year 2035. Only due to a time-glitch you may see it now and maybe only for short. So read fast until time is switching again back to the future.

Both terms dynamatar and dynamitron stand in historic Sci-Fi for Cyborg. Angela and Cindy are dynamatars in the movie Annihilator (1986). Both terms got lost in time and have been reinvented recently and given different new meanings: dynamatar for self controlled Avatars and dynamitron for tools to pre-control an Avatar (with an embedded portfolio) or for protection and shielding.

As the terms dynamitron and E-BEAM are used in ‘Back to the deep’ (Rücksturz in die Tiefe), a short story of ROT-13 futurologist ‘Ervare Fpuarroretre’. By reading the story you may built up some weird ideas for such a machine. As an engineer you may have a more sharp picture in mind. So here is a scretch found in old files:


Indeed such a machine was invented on earth in 1965 by Radiation Dynamics. It was not called E-BEAM what came out at these days.

Now you are granted to have a look at the machine that has the name ‘DYNAMITRON’ in 2013. It is from IBA Industry Solutions. Will such a machine be able to keep First Prim in the simulator under control after the year 2035? Look here, how the system looks in the so called ‘reality’ of the year 2013:


PDF-link and animation-link provided by IBA Industry Solutions

As the system looks so great for the purpose of the short story ‘Rücksturz in die Tiefe’ (Back to the deep) ROT-13 ‘Ervare Fpuarroretre’ asked IBA Industriy Solutions for the documentation and to set a link on it 🙂

As dynamitron(s) are also used as an alternate naming for a cyborg Ervare Fpuarroretre claims the name for art performances in all ways that suit for him. The IP rights of IBA Industry Solutions are respected and shall not be affected in any ways. Also rights of other inventors or users of the term dynamitron are not affected and stand ‘as they are’.

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